Jason Scott's
Diamond Forever...
A Celebration of Neil Diamond

The music is forever... Going on six decades, the music continues...

From Tin Pan Alley to Hollywood, through the turbulence of the 1960's and into the 21st century, the songs of Neil Diamond continue to attract new fans to go along with the legions of lifetime admirers. Jason Scott's "Diamond Forever A Celebration of Neil Diamond", brings forth the music and showmanship that has made Neil Diamond one of the best-selling singer-songwriters of all time. Shows such as Diamond Forever are a celebration of the music of this legendary performer.

Neil Diamond is not just a simple songwriter but a composer and performer as well. His music has the universality and timelessness that trancends his own personality, as well as the personality of anyone performing his music. The proof of this is the audience itself, crossing all generations, with new fans added every year and the songs themselves, which are so well known as to be archetypal.

The Show: Diamond Forever

Jason Scott's multi award winning show, "Diamond Forever A Celebration of Neil Diamond", is an exciting, must-see entertainment event! Jason Scott's live tribute performance hands-down personifies and delivers the look, the sound, the moves and the music of icon Neil Diamond. Enhanced by the voice, costuming, studio recorded audio reinforcement, humor and stories behind the songs, audience participation and music spanning almost 60 years of hits, this show creates a sight and sound experience that transports delighted Neil Diamond fans, old and young, down memory lane!

"A visually exciting, amplified event!"

Neil Diamond himself says, "If I had one message it would be to stay open and receptive to the music and the possibilities without giving it too much thought. Really feel it and it will become a worthwhile experience."
Audiences from every sold out show agree ... Jason Scott's "Diamond Forever a Celebration of Neil Diamond" is a Super Fun, Audience Interactive NEIL DIAMOND PARTY !

About Jason Scott

Scott's musical resume is impeccable. He began attending the Toronto Conservatory of Music at the age of five, achieving first-degree honors at the age of fifteen. In his twenties Scott toured extensively with club and concert bands and in his thirties Jason was a record-label signed recording artist, writer and performer.
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